Goldens State AMC Policies

Turn Times and Rush Orders

Appraisal turn times vary by product type, scope of work and location. Properties located in urban or suburban areas generally can be completed quicker than appraisals on properties in rural or remote areas. When you place an order and select a product from the drop-down menu, you will see fee notes giving you our average turn times for that particular product. If a rush order is needed, add $125 and please mention in the notes that you need a “rush.” Price is also subject to increase (amount will vary) for very rural or remote areas and for unique properties.

Due Dates
The due date will automatically default to a date within our average turn time range.  The due date is subject to change depending on the circumstances surrounding the order.

Rush Orders
If a “rush” order is needed, you must place a note indicating this in the “Additional Comments/Instructions” section toward the bottom of the order form.  If you indicate that a “rush” is needed, you are authorizing Golden State AMC to add $125 to the regular price of the appraisal. If you do not wish to be charged a “rush” fee, please do not request a “rush.” Rush orders are subject to availability depending on the area.  In some areas we are unable to provide rush service(s) due to limited appraiser availability.


Golden State AMC values every client and every Appraisal we manage.

We welcome and encourage you to use the Appraisal Rebuttal process to report and resolve concerns with any of the following aspects of the appraisal report:

  • Comparable Selection
  • Adjustments or absence of adjustments
  • Concern with appraiser’s reasoning and methodology

Please note that administrative corrections such as those listed below must be submitted by message as revision requests through your Appraisal Scope profile.  Log on to your profile by clicking on the “Client Login” button at the top of this page.

Examples of appraisal revisions to be submitted through Appraisal Scope:

  1. Wrong address
  2. Incorrect loan number
  3. Missing signature
  4. Spelling errors
  5. All underwriter stipulations or conditions

We ask you to please agree to follow the guidelines below: We will not proceed with value disputes alone. Please be sure that all information is included at the time of submission as we will only submit ONE appeal to the appraiser.

Jumbo Loans:

  •  Jumbo loans for specific clients may not qualify for the rebuttal process.
  • This loan is not a Jumbo loan over $417,500.*

  *You must agree to the above guidelines.

 Please limit your submission to Six (6) sales.  Include the pertaining information and adhere to the parameters listed below.

Required Information:

A)  If providing alternate suggested sales, please provide the following:

Sale Sources:

  1. Multiple Listing Number (MLS) for offered sales, if available
  2. Documented/Verified Sources, if data is not derived from MLS

Sale Details:

  1. Address of Comparable Property
  2. Sale Price
  3. Closed Date
  4. Square Footage
  5. Site Area
  6. Age
  7. Estimated Proximity to Subject Property

Please understand that alternately supplied comparable sales data must be as recent, proximate and competitive to the subject as possible.  The data should be more similar than the Appraisers originally supplied information.

B)  If providing commentary regarding the original appraisal, please include:

Factual statements and/or general opinions but, refrain from value related or inflammatory comments, as they will be removed prior to submission to the appraiser.

Golden State AMC agrees to handle your rebuttal request as follows:

  • We will review your concerns quickly and thoroughly.
  • We will research the facts and evaluate your concerns.
  • We will determine the correct course of action based on our findings.
  • We will diligently work on your behalf to address your appraisal issues.
  • Rebuttals will take up to 4 days.

This rebuttal process is to provide the best possible service to you, the client.  However due to currently legislation and Appraiser Independence Regulation, we cannot provide an appeal process for the rebuttal.  Once the rebuttal is completed and closed out we are not able to renegotiate.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Terms of Engagement
All appraisals are subject to a partial refund if the appraiser has not yet visited the home and completed the inspection.  Any submitted appraisal order that we are asked to cancel will be subject to a cancellation fee of no less than $40 due to order processing costs. Any order cancelled after the appraiser has already inspected the property will be subject to a cancelation fee of no less than $175 due to order processing costs and the appraiser’s travel costs. If the appraiser has begun the evaluation process we will not be able to refund any portion of the payment. Under no circumstances can completed orders be charged back or not paid in full. All costs in collecting any monies charged back or not paid in full shall be added to the amount owed, plus the maximum amount of interest allowable by law. Amount owed will be the responsibility of the card holder and any party using the card or placing the order.