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We have happy member appraisers all over California … And California’s a big state! Join our network today!

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Collection hassles? Not your problem. We handle all payment processing.

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Why register with Golden State Appraisal Management Company?

Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s free!  We don’t charge signup or other fees to appraisers.  We don’t want fees to stop us from building California’s broadest coverage network.
  • We are independent from banks and loan officers.  With us, you have no direct contact with these entities and can operate pressure-free.
  • We guarantee payment, have competitive rates, and handle all payment issues.  Collections, processing fees, and bounced check fees are not your problem.  With us, you are free to focus on the work, rather than administrative hassles.
  • We are staffed by expert appraisers.  If needed, a seasoned professional is available to help you work through tough issues when they come up.

Appraiser Registration Requirements

  • A current license issued by the California Office of Real Estate Appraisers.  If your license status is registered, provisional, assistant, trainee, transitional, associate, apprentice, or something similar, you are not eligible.
  • A minimum of two years’ full-time field appraisal experience
  • No infractions or violations that have resulted in sanctions from any state appraisal board or other relevant government entity.
  • No convictions or findings of guilt regarding a) any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or b) any felony.
  • Compliance with HVCC, USPAP, and all relevant State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations.

If you have been removed from any lender’s acceptable appraisers list, placed on a “do not use” list, or any similar action has been taken against you, please notify us and provide details. We are not responsible for compensation of any appraiser that fails to disclose this information.