New Desktop Appraisal

Dear Appraiser.

FNMA and FHLMC recently announced the implementation of a new desktop appraisal form.

With increased availability to data, analytics and technology, appraisals can be completed without a physical inspection of the subject property. Guidelines by the GSE’s have been updated that will allow lenders to determine which transactions qualify for the new desktop appraisal form. There benefits for appraisers are likely to be; increase in capacity, turn time, less exposure to potential pandemic issues.

Agency Desktop Appraisals will be effective for all new loan applications submitted on or after:

  • FHLMC:  March 6, 2022
  • FNMA: March 19, 2022
Desktop appraisals will be ordered through GSAMC in the same manner as traditional appraisals, however, the order will request the new 1004 Desktop / 70D appraisal form

Appraiser Requirements:

  • Appraiser conducts analysis and develops opinion of value
  • Use Form 1004 Desktop / 70D
  • No physical inspection of the subject property
  • Provide a computer-generated floor plan with exterior measurements.  If the floor plan does not include exterior measurements then the appraiser must also include a computer-generated building sketch with exterior measurements.
  • Required Fields (Page 3):

Agency Links

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Photos can be verified using MLS listings or with a live, virtual walkthrough with the homeowner. Photos that are taken during a live walkthrough with the homeowner are considered appraiser observation during a live event and do not require further verification.

Data provided by parties with a financial interest in the sale or financing of the subject property must be verified by a disinterested source.


At this time the fee for Desktop appraisals will be the same fee as traditional appraisals. This will enable us and other appraisal sources to ensure the appraiser receives a customary fee. We will be monitoring the initial volume, efficiency and data collection etc. to determine if adjustments will be made down the road.  The current fee will be the final fee. If the appraiser is unable to obtain the sketch / floorplan there will be NO additional fee for an inspection. The fee is identical to the full traditional fee and therefore an inspection (if necessary) is considered part of the initial fee.